Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | Author:

A Tree’s Christmass is now available at Brass town Vally Resort and Spa in Young Harris, Ga.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | Author:

Andy Bowen will be at The Christmas Shoppe in Helen Georgia from 10 am -2 pm Saturday Nov. 27th to sign books and answer questions.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | Author:

“A Tree’s Christmas is an inspirational book with heartwarming appeal for all ages … it will be a treasured gift to share with a loved one, child or adult,” commented Midwest Book Review Editor in Chief James A. Cox (

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Sunday, November 07th, 2010 | Author:

The Chicago Herald Tribune published a nice story about A Tree’s Christmas and its author, Andy Bowen, in its Nov. 3 parenting magazine. The reporter quoted the Midwest Book Review as saying A Tree’s Christmas is a book that can be read and enjoyed by all ages for years to come.

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Tuesday, December 08th, 2009 | Author:

The Suches General Store in Suches, GA, now has A Tree’s Christmas for sale there, which is very cool, because the book was finished at our cabin in Suches. Also, Quigley’s in Dahlonega has it for sale. Their website is And, the Crimson Moon Cafe in Dahlonega is stocking it, too! They are at I’m scheduled to have a reading there on the evening of Saturday, Dec. 19, so everyone come!

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Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 | Author:

The Christmas House in Helen Georgia loves the book and is now stocking it! Thank You Christmas House!

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 | Author:

     As Christmas approaches I am warmed by the memories of childhood anticipation, laughter with my brother and sisters, and family rituals that only occurred on Christmas day. 

     Like all families, it was far too easy to be inundated with stress during the holidays.  The money or lack there of for pricey presents, the stress of family dynamics, and a myriad of other somewhat universal family elements can often make for a taxing time.

     But the memories that ring the most vivid and the most pleasurable were those of post present bliss.  The fleeting moments where my family, sleepy eyed, and still in bath robes and pajamas, sat cross legged on the floor and reveled in each other’s company.

     What I like about A Tree’s Christmas is the memories and feelings that this wondrous book evokes.  I like that it is a complex tale of growth and illustrates the circle of life yet still possesses a childhood simplicity that surpasses the nonsense of the adult world; capturing the true meaning of Christmas: to love and be loved and show appreciation for one another.

     I would like to ask you all, what memories does Christmas evokes for you?  What does Christmas mean to you?  Do you celebrate any other holiday during that time? Did A Tree’s Christmas trigger any memories of experiences you would like to share?

     Share your stories in the comments and our favorite entry will receive a free signed copy of A Tree’s Christmas.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | Author:
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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | Author:

Wow! What a day. Andy and A Tree’s Christmas were interviewed by Steve Goss NPR WABE and the interview ran twice this morning. He was also interviewed by DayTime television host Dave Nemeth in Tampa which also aired today. We expect to hear from Mr. Spielberg or one of his reps any day now.

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008 | Author:

Here is a short snippet of Andy reading a portion of the book about how the tree helps when a burglar tries to disrupt Christmas. The Burglar

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